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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Özlem Sensoy



Özlem Sensoy is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education, the associate director of the Centre for Education, Law, and Society, an associate member of the Dept of Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies, and an affiliated faculty member with the Centre for the Comparative Muslim Studies at Simon Fraser University. She teaches courses on social justice education, critical media literacy and popular culture, and multicultural and anti-racism theories. Her research has been published in journals including Radical Pedagogy, Harvard Educational Review, Gender & Education, and Race Ethnicity and Education. She is the co-author (with Robin DiAngelo) of the award winning introductory text to social justice education, Is Everyone Really Equal? An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education, 2e (Teachers College Press, 2017).

Keynote Title: If Ikea made a car and other bad ideas (and some good ones) for social justice practice

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This presentation will outline some of the common ways of thinking about incorporating social justice into one’s practice. These ways include familiar pedagogical strategies such as developing class discussion guidelines, adding special interest items to a course plan, inviting minoritized communities as guest speakers, etc. While often well meaning and relatively easy to implement, their significant shortcomings for social justice work and for subverting structural oppression in the classroom will be explained. Other conceptual as well as some practical pedagogical alternatives will be discussed.