Media, Technologies

Research 2.0: Research Media and Technology

Analytics & Informatics

Big Data & Databases

  1. EduData Canada
  2. International Archive of Education Data
  3. National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging
    1. Project Talent
    2. Project Talent Base Data
  4. National Center for Education Statistics
  5. National Longitudinal Surveys
  6. Statistics Canada
  7. Harvard & MITx MOOC Dataverse

Audio Recording and Editing

Audio Editing

  1. Audacity

Audio Recording (Voice Recorders)

  1. e.g., Sony Digital Voice Recorders
  2. e.g., Zoom H2

Audio Recording + Smarten Note-Taking

  1. Livescribe Smartpen
  2. Equil JOT

Cybraries and Libraries

  1. UBC Library Research Resources
  2. Personal Cybrary Management Systems

    Mendeley – FREE software allowing you to organize, cite your references. UBC offers regular workshops on how to use Mendeley.

    Papers – This PDF/doc management program allows you to collect and store references as well. It can collect relevant metadata of said references and cite directly in your paper. Has a great ‘magic citation’ tool allowing  you to instantly cite any references you may have. 30 day trial.

  3. Quippa

Data Analysis Applications (Researchware)


  1. Atlas TI
  2. CAT (Coding Analysis Toolkit) QDAP
  3. EPPI Reviewer
    1. EPPI Resources
  4. HyperResearch (OSS)
    1. HyperResearch (Demo or Teaching Version)
      1. Tutorials
    2. HyperTranscribe (Demo Version)
  5. QSR International
    1. NVivo
  6. MaxQDA
  7. Noldus
  8. Studiocode
  9. Coda
  10. QDA Miner
    1. QDA Miner Lite
  11. Saturate (user-friendly)
  12. Transana
  13. WeftQDA


  1. Assessment Systems
  2. Excel
  3. R
  4. SAS
  5. SOFA (OSS)
  6. SPSS
    1. SPSS IBM
  7. StatPlus (AnalystSoft)

Data Collection Applications

Online Instrument Construction

  1. UBC Survey
  2. Survey Monkey

Questionnaires and Inventories

  1. Teaching Perspectives Inventory

Survey Servers

  1. LimeSurvey
  2. Survey Monkey
  3. Verint Survey Tool (UBC)

Data Visualization Applications

  1. Periodic Table of Data Viz Techniques
  2. ParaView

Journaling & Note-Taking

  1. Evernote

Ontologies & Semantic Web

  1. OpenCyc

Research Design

  1. Methodologist’s Toolchest

Research Engines

  1. Summon

Research Metrics

  1. Guide to Research Metrics for Young Researchers
  2. Research Metrics & Impact Factors

Research Networking

  2. Linkedin
  3. ResearchGate

OCR and Transcription

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. Express Scribe
  3. ReadIris
  4. Transcrivia

Reference & Citation

  1. Zotero is a free and easy to use citation/reference management system.
  2. Refworks is another very popular citation/reference management system. UBC offers regular tutorials on both softwares. Refworks requires a license to use, which is provided by the UBC library: see here.

Scanning (pre-OCR) Screen Capture and Video Capture

  1. Anvil (OSS)
  2. CamStudio
  3. Captivate (Adobe)
  4. Clarify-It
  5. Jing
  6. Skitch
  7. TinyTake

Screen Capture and Video Capture

  1. Anvil (OSS)
  2. CamStudio (free, simple) [Video Capure]
  3. Captivate (paid, part of Adobe) [Video Capture]
  4. Clarify-It (free trial, paid, simple) [Screen Capture]
  5. Jing
  6. Skitch (free and part of the Evernote family) [Screen Capture]
  7. TinyTake (free but need work e-mail to sign up) [Video Capture]
  8. ScreenShot Captor (free and advanced) [Screen Capture]
  9. Camtasia and SnagIt are free from (look under resources for the serial key)
  10. Explain Everything  (iOs, Windows 8, Android)

Text to Speech

  1. Natural Reader


  1. ExpressScribe
  2. HyperTranscribe

Video Editing & Analysis

  1. Dartfish
  2. Wondershare
  3. Video Converters
    1. AVC
    2. VLC

Voice Recognition and Translation

  1. Dragon Speech Recognition
  2. Systran Translation Software
  3. VoxForge


  1. Scrivener – A non-linear writing program that allows the writer to do macro-level planning (mind mapping, corkboarding, flash cards) while concurrently writing different sections in your paper. Multiple viewing modes and ability to attach relevant files (doc, pdf, jpeg, etc) is helpful. Free 30 day trial. For MAC and PC.
  2. Scrivener review highlighting general functions
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. University of Edinborough – Writing a Dissertation with Word
  5. Create an automatic Table of Contents

Open Source Apps (misc)

  1. Blender (3D Modeling & Animation)
  2. Gimp (2D Graphics)
  3. Inkscape (Vector Graphics)
  4. LibreCAD (2D CAD)
  5. OpenSCAD (3D Modeling)
  6. Scribus (DTP)
  7. Shotcut (Video Editing)

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