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Proposals and Formats (MA Thesis & Doctoral Dissertation)

  1. Thesis and Dissertation Proposal Guide
  2. Thesis Preparation Guide

Proposals and Formats (MEd Graduating Project)


  1. MEd Graduating Project Proposal Guide
    1. Inquiry and Research: Definitions and Exemptions
    2. Graduating Project Proposal Examples
      1. Chahal, J. (2017). Google Docs.
      2. Kwok, S. (2017). Starting from Scratch.
      3. Mathis, J. (2017). Making Thinking Conscious.
      4. Scott, B. (2017). To Infinity and Beyond.


  1. Common Format for Graduating Project (see Proposal Guide)
  2. Graduating Project Examples
    1. Chahal, Joti. (2017). Google Docs: Incorporating The Multi-Faceted Communication Habits of Generation Z into Traditional Classrooms.
    2. Kwok, Simon. (2017). Starting from Scratch: Using Scratch as a Montessori Material to Develop Digital Literacy.
    3. Mathis, Jennifer. (2017). Making Thinking Conscious: An Exploration of how Learning to Code Supports Students in Building Metacognitive Skills.
    4. Scott, Belinda. (2017). To Infinity and Beyond: Engaging Students Through Media and Technology.


  1. APA Style Guide
    1. Getting Started with APA
  2. Review of Literature & Research Guide (.docx)
    1. Critical Reviews (Brief Summary)
  3. Research & Documentation Guide (Hacker & Fister)
  4. Writing Guide
  5. Writing Style Guide (Hacker Guide)
  6. Stating a Thesis or Argument


  1. Copyright Primer
  2. New Media Primer
  3. Qualitative Methods Primer
  4. Quantitative Methods Primer
  5. Research and the Research Problem (Walliman)
  6. Theory Primer
  7. On Critique (and Critical Methods)
  8. What is Historical Research?


  1. SPSS

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