Grading Standards

Assignments in the course will be evaluated according to English Department grading standards and with a view to the particular conventions of writing for technical and professional purposes. Assignments weakened by frequent and basic errors that impede meaning and distract from readability will not be eligible for “A” or “B” level grades and will in extreme cases be assigned a failing grade.

  • The “A” range (80 – 100%)
    Work outstanding in its focus, organization, content, style, and design, with no serious errors of expression or mechanics.
  • The “B” range (68 – 79%)
    Work competent in its focus, organization, content, style, and design, with occasional lapses in strategy and occasional errors in expression or mechanics, none of which seriously impede meaning or readability.
  • The “C-D” range (50 – 67%)
    Work adequate in its focus, organization, content, style, and design, but with some noteworthy lapses in strategy and in expression and mechanics, some of which may impede meaning.
  • The “F” range (0 – 49%)
    Work unsatisfactory and seriously flawed in its focus, organization, content, and style and/or design, and/or work weakened by serious and frequent weaknesses in expression and mechanics, many of which impede clarity and readability. Work that does not accurately and completely acknowledge use of secondary sources in an accepted style of documentation.


Your course marks in English 301 will be distributed as follows:

  • Application Letter: 4%
  • Student Reflections and self-assessment: 3 x 5 for a total of 15 %
  • Peer Reviews:  6  for a total of 23  %
  • E-mail/ memos 6 for a total of %
  • Formal Report: 20 %
  • Application Package: 10 %
  • Web Folio: 20%