Unit 2

Welcome to Unit Two:

Strategies for Formal Reports & Application Packages


The central goal of Unit two is to begin the process of creating two major documents: 1) The Formal Report, and 2) The Application package.  You will work collaboratively with your writing team throughout this process over the next two units. Some of your assignments will be posted on your blog and some will go on your writing team forum. Each assignment has instructions, please read them carefully, Thank – you.

Beginning with the brainstorming process in Lesson 2:1, your objectives are:

  • to understand the reasoning process in three major types of analysis: comparative, casual and feasibility
  • to understand the elements of an effective analysis
  • to formulate possible Formal Report Topics

 In Lesson 2:2, you will begin the process of creating an Application package. The first steps in this process are:

  • researching and evaluating the Linked-In website as a tool for professional social networking
  • researching and evaluating best practices on Linked-In
  • posting a Linked-in Profile
  • peer reviewing profiles with your writing team
  • continuing to perfect the art of email memos

In Lesson 2:3, the focus will be on Formal Report research and reflections. In this lesson your main objectives are:

  • research and create an outline for your Formal report
  • formulate data gathering strategies: interviews, or surveys
  • reflect on your writing practices and strategies and self-edit accordingly

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