Lesson 4:1

WEEK TEN   The Job/ International Volunteer or Graduate School Application Process & Package


  • Draft the necessary documents for your application:
    • Cover letter for online resumes
    • Resume: online and pdf.
    • Three request for references


  • Technical Writing pages  209 – 305 (Editing and Design)  and pages 379 –  397 (Application package) and pages 633 – 642 (Social Media)
  • Instructor’s Blog

4: 1 Assignments:

PLEASE SEE Due dates on our Course Schedule

  • Rough Draft of application package attached to your team forum before midnight  [late assignments will loose 0.5 points per day]
  • Peer review of Applications package, posted on your forum page before midnight  [late assignments will loose 0.5 points per day]

Instructions for Assignments:

  A rough draft of your Application Package should include:

  1. The actual advertisement or application instructions, accompanied by MLA documentation showing the source of the ad.
  2. A one-page cover letter addressed to the prospective employer or organization and designed to conform to the best practices for organization, content, layout, and design set out in Technical Communication
  3. A resume – maximum two pages following the format and layout of one of the resume styles set out in Technical Communications. 
  4. Three letters requesting references

 Peer Review of Application Package:

Step by Step by Step:

  1. Before you read the document, create a template for your review. Based on the assignment criteria and the textbook guidelines, consider the important elements of the document you are about to review before you begin.
  2. Create a set of headings for each category of the document and list them in a logical order.
  3. Now, read the document focused on these categories making notes for yourself as you read.
  4. You are looking for BOTH the positive highlights of the document and the negative weakness’ under each category.
  5. Be sure to indicate why you are suggesting changes: the rational.
  6. Address your peer by name, begin your review with a salutation and a short introductory paragraph that highlights briefly and generally the strong and the weak parts of the document.
  7. Conclude your review with a likewise friendly and complimentary paragraph, again highlighting the positive and listing briefly the general changes you have suggested.