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Instructor’s Blog

Hello, and welcome to my Blog. Below this post you will see previous posts from last semester’s class. This is the first Blog for our class.

Proof Reading before Posting: helpful tips

By erikapaterson on December 29, 2019 @11:04 am

Here is a list of helpful tips and examples to use when proof-reading and self-editing the Final draft of your Formal Report. Formatting the assignment: Create a single PDF document with a separate pages in the same document. In order

Letter of Transmission for Formal Reports

By erikapaterson on December 16, 2019 @11:18 am

A few students have presented letters of transmission with their drafts and this has given me the opportunity to give you all some advice on how to use YOU attitude with these letters. Remember the four essential rules: Avoid starting

A note on Memorandums

By erikapaterson on December 2, 2019 @6:57 am

“What is the difference between a memorandum and an email?” “Why is it so important to learn and remember how to format a memorandum correctly?” “Are Memorandums ‘old fashioned’ and “hardly ever used anymore?”   If these questions are bothering

Preparing to Peer Review a Formal Report: tips and examples

By erikapaterson on December 2, 2019 @6:03 am

As I look through the Report drafts, I have found some continuing common errors which are worth providing more examples for correcting to assist with peer reviewing. Avoid BIG CHUNKS of text: organize the report into sections and sub-sections. A

Progress Reports: common errors and working with nouns

By erikapaterson on November 27, 2019 @7:26 am

After evaluating and commenting on Progress Reports; here is a list of the most common errors to be avoided in the future: Neglecting to put a name and date on an attachment Neglecting to correctly name attachments Neglecting to put


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