Lesson 2:2


Unit 2:2

WEEK FIVE   Networking and Resume building


  • Research and study techniques for professional networking and building an online profile with resume
  • Practice following instructions; you will notice that instructions on where to post your assignments, and on email messages or email memos, pdf files or word docs, are confusing you. This is a strategy to help you practice following detailed instructions. A necessary skill for technical and professional writers. So, take your time and follow instructions carefully.
  • Practice naming files, memos, and emails appropriately and in consideration of your reader’s needs.


  • Technical Communications;  Chapter 16: Resumes and Other Job Search Materials
    • Chapter 25: Social Media.
    • Chapter 13: Designing Pages and Documents.
  • UBC Careers Online
  • Instructor’s Blog
  • Research articles about Linked-In

2:2 Assignments:

PLEASE SEE Due dates on our Course Schedule

  •  Write a memo to your writing team [posted directly onto your team forum] with the purpose of providing a brief summary of your research concerning best practices for professional networking on Linked In [300 words max]  before midnight [late assignments will loose 0.5 points per day]
  •  Set up a Linked in Profile and invite your writing team and instructor to the page with an email memo posted on your team forum before midnight [late assignments will loose 0.5 points per day] Be sure to include a url link for your profile page. 
  •  Peer Review of Linked in Profile Page posted on your writing team forum before midnight [late assignments will loose 0.5 points per day]

Instructions for Assignments:

Memo concerning Linked In Best Practices

Please Review pages 324 – 337

The purpose of your memo is to share your research findings with your writing team.  You should provide a list of ten Best practices for using LinkedIn as a professional networking site. You should introduce your list and write a brief conclusion. Include hyperlinks to your sources listed correctly MLA style. You should post your memo on your writing team forum as well. Do not cc your Instructor. Thank you

 Linked In Profile

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Go to www.lnkedin.com and set up an account

2. Search for your Instructor’s LinkedIn profile and request to connect: Erika Paterson

3. Create a Summary

  • Refer to page 368: accessing your skills and aptitudes
  • Write a general summary indicating your objectives and your skills
  • You want to present yourself as both personable and professional

4. In the space provided for Experiences, create a list of your work and volunteer experiences

  • You will need to decide which is more appropriate:
    1. a) a chronological list (page 374)
    2. b) a functional list (page 375)

5. Proceed to fill in all of the relevant boxes: Projects, Courses, Education

Peer Review & Form for  Linked In Profile:

This is a “double” assignment, in so much as you have two learning objectives, one is design the other written.

This is a design assignment in so much as you are going to design a Peer Review form specifically for this exercise.

  1. To design a peer review template document for a Linked in profile (on a pdf file)
  2. To provide your peer with a review using your template.

Steps to Follow:

  1. As a team decide on review partners; you should switch around with each assignment.
  2. Individually, anyalize  your partner’s Linked In site with these questions in mind:
    • How would you organize a form that is designed specifically to review a linked-in Profile?
    • What categories and headings would be useful for a Linked-in peer review form?
    • Study the LinkedIn profile page carefully and consider all possible categories for organizing your review
      • For example: ‘Quality and Appropriateness of Profile Photo’
    • Did your research on Linked In practices inform you in any way that might help you devise useful categories for a Peer Review form? Keep in mind the strengths and weakness of LinkedIn, according to your team research, as you devise your categories.
  3. Stratagize and lay out your form; refer to the text, Chapter 13 Designing Pages and Documents.  Save as a pdf file.
    1. Note: do not use a point system. Your job is to review, not to evaluate with points or grades.
  4. Fill out your form for your peer review partner, email to your partner with memo and pdf attachment.
  5.  Complete the form on your team page and post a link to the pdf file of the template on your Team forum
  6.  Include a link to your partner’s LinkedIn page at the bottom of the page. 

To be clear:

  1. you are posting the review right on your team page, as usual –
  2. and including the pdf template as an attachment
  3. and the url for your partner’s Linked-In page


Please post any questions you might have about this assignment on our CHAT page thank you.