Unit 3

Welcome to Unit Three:

Writing Strategies & Drafting Formal Reports


The central goal of Unit 3 is to practice writing strategies and to create the first draft of your Formal Report. This is a major draft document of 12 to 15 pages. Writing teams will be peer-reviewing in more depth with this Unit. Through-out this unit you should also be researching for your job application, international volunteer position, or graduate school application.


Lesson 3:1: Your objectives are:

  • to initiate your search for a job, or an international volunteer position, or a graduate school. Keep good files of you research because you will be writing a progress report on your search at the end of lesson 3:3
  • to understand the elements of effective business writing
  • to practice writing with the ‘right attitude’ – no matter what the situation.

Lesson 3:2 : This week is dedicated to your Formal Reports. You should be completing your research, finishing up with your interviews or surveys, selecting or creating your visuals, and drafting your Formal report.

Lesson 3:3: The focus will be on Peer Editing, Reflections, and selecting a posting for your Application Package.

  •  In preparation to peer edit drafts of your Formal Reports we will study professional editing techniques in more depth. Please be sure to read Part Three: Editing for a Professional Style, p. 191 in our text book.http://english301.sites.olt.ubc.ca/unit-3/lesson-1/
  • In preparation to begin your Application Package, you will send your instructor a progress report on your research via email.

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