Module 2: weblog 1 (Chantal Drolet)

First Nations Pedagogy

Indigenous communities around the world are creating programs of significant value to cultural preservation and indigenous empowerment.

Resources available:

  • First Nations pedagogy, curriculum, education, and ways of knowing and being
  • Curriculum development, Consultant and Writing services related to First Nations education and knowledge
  • Theory:
    • Related to the unique and sacred tenets of First Nations pedagogy, education and Way of Life
    • Curriculum:
      • Examples, principles and services related to the development of First Nations governed,
      • Developed and implemented curriculum from K-12
      • Post-secondary, and continuing life-long education

Links to other sites:

Many interesting articles:

  1. Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy in First Nations education
    1. Article by Battiste, M. (2002): extensive literature review with recommendations for the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
    2. Long term strategies for institutional change in universities and colleges: Facilitating native people negotiating a middle ground.
      1. Bobiwash, A. R. (1999). Center for World Indigenous Studies

Usefulness for research on Indigenous knowledge, media, and community reality:

This site offers insights about “the ways of knowing, learning, and teaching inherent to the traditional methods of informal and formal aboriginal education.



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