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Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs

Since I am new to this area I start my search with a ministry site. I am afraid it is very naive of me but I am not well versed in Aboriginal Issues, culture and education.

I am hoping this ministry site will lead me to other sites

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Fanshawe virtual library – mod 1 post 2

I decided to keep my search closer to home so I went to Fanshawe College, the college where I work. Their virtual library has a list of aboriginal links.



Associations & directories go »
Dictionaries & encyclopedias go »
Portals go »
Databases and e-journals:
Education & training
News & current events
Residential schools

I am very excited to see Databases and e-journals which include Education and training.

Again, staying with the theme of staying home I jumped on the First Nations Technical Institute link
An Aboriginal owned and operated education and training facility located near Deseronto, Ontario.

Not much here to offer information about blogging but interesting to see what types of programs they offer and which universitites and colleges they partner with.

Then there is a link to Six Nations Polytechnic – Post-secondary institution at Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario, Canada. They also offer programs in partnership with main stream Universities and colleges in Ontario

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RezXtra – blog – mod 1 post 3

Looking for aboriginal blogs I stumbled upon RezXtra: http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/rezxtra/archive/2009/06/30/canada-day-is-my-aboriginal-day.aspx

It is  a entertainment magazine type blog that speaks to aboriginal issues and other current events. It is based out of Regina Saskatchewan.  I can tell that because of the weather the blog is linked to.

I was hoping to see if they had created a blogoshpere and  connected with other aboriginal blogs to create a community  but unfortunately they have not. REzXtra is a blog inside of LeaderPost, a division of Canwest publishing.  The bog rolls connects to other  canada.com  blogs.

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Delicious mod 1- post 6

I am a big delicious bookmarker.

I tag all my research findings for ETEC 521 with aboriginal.

My delicious account: http://delicious.com/jwhite64/aboriginal

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wrong place

I have been blogging on my blog https://blogs.ubc.ca/jwhitehead/ but it is not showing up here or is it?
I can’t find them

I guess I have to copy and paste each post… my mistake.

I  thought we were setting up a blogosphere and linking all our blogs together. Now that would be cool.

This is probably easier.

Now if I can figure out how to feed my blog with the blogs from this site. I think it can be done.

I am really excited to explore blogs further since my paper is on blogs

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