Module 2: weblog 4 (Chantal Drolet)

Aboriginal Education Curriculum: Saskatchewan

  • Elementary Level / Middle Level / Secondary Level
    • Aboriginal Languages
    • Languages Arts for Aboriginal and Métis students: adapting the elementary curriculum  

Resources available:

Links to other sites:

Usefulness for research on Indigenous knowledge, media, and community reality:

The major goals of this curriculum are:

  • to promote student participation in varied learning situations and activities that will assist them in acquiring listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an Indian or Michif language;
  • to develop an understanding and an appreciation of Indian and Métis cultures through language;
  • to develop students’ listening skills which will assist them in the learning of an Indian language in various social contexts and situations;
  • to encourage enjoyment of learning to converse and to write in an Indian or Michif language;
  • to cultivate positive personal and social growth through use of an Indian or Michif language.
  • to encourage students to continue to acquire fluency through independent study with Elders and other fluent speakers.



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