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Aboriginal Themed Lesson Plans

This resource was created to provide instructional ideas in a ready-to-use lesson format (for Aboriginals) from Kindergarten to Grade 12 Social Studies.

Resources available:

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Usefulness for research on Indigenous knowledge, media, and community reality:

Example of lesson

Diversity – Grade 11

Topic: Diversity/Human Rights / Social Studies

Knowledge Objectives:

Acculturation – Indigenous Peoples worldwide have had to face the cultural collapse that accompanies the loss of their land, their language, their social and political systems, and their knowledge

Racism – know that racism and prejudice are used to justify inhumane treatment of Indigenous Peoples by an exploitive mainstream society

Human dignity – Indigenous Peoples have never accepted the assault on their lands and culture passively. They have fought back in every area with the weapons available to them.

The central issue confronting Indigenous Peoples is the recognition of the inherent right to self-determination.



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