Module 1 – Weblog Entry #4 – Bruce Spencer

It’s always a good idea to stay abreast of current events from around the globe. Perhaps what’s even more important is that we get a balanced representation of these events as they play out on the world stage. Cultural Survival offers readers access to hundreds of articles on issues relating to indigenous peoples from all over the world. But that’s not all this organization does.

Cultural Survival is currently involved in supporting various self-sustaining culturally driven programs for several indigenous communities in different parts of the world. One such project has to do with the deterioration of Native American Languages within the United States. The similarities to our own situation are striking, which is why I would encourage you to explore this site and the program more closely.

Some publications of interest to me were:
“Surf’s up!” NWT Indigenous Communities Await a Tidal Wave of Electronic Information
Indigenous Distance Education
A View from the Yukon Flats: An Interview with Gwich’in Leader Clarence Alexander


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