Module 1: FNESC

first nations education steering committee (FNESC)

First nations education steering committee was established in the early 1990s with a mandate to

“facilitate discussion about education matters affecting First Nations in BC by disseminating information and soliciting input from First Nations. “

In addition to facilitating, it provides the following services and supports to First Nations in the Province of BC.

  • Facilitate communication (newsletter, policy updates, etc.).
  • Provide liaison for First Nations with government and other agencies.
  • Coordinate information sharing,
  • Coordinate provincial conferences, regional workshops and information workshops.
  • Conduct research on broad topics to support First Nations education initiatives.
  • Undertake some policy discussions, with explicit direction from, consultation and communication with First Nations communities themselves.
  • Provide a forum for a united First Nations voice.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information resources and models for First Nations education activities.
  • Provide administrative and technical support to ensure First Nations control and administration of First Nations education programs such as the youth initiatives.
  • Provide support for First Nations involved in the treaty process.

First Nations Schools Association

The above links are applicable to a variety of interests at the K-12 and post secondary levels of education delivery.  There are resources for First Nation Education coordinators, as well as the Parents Club recognizing the importance of family and community for the education of a child.  This site is a great resource for both those actively involved in the development and delivery of education within First Nation communities, as well as those seeking to conduct research on First Nation education. 



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