Module 1 Weblog #2

Indigenous Education Institute

            The moment I opened this page I was drawn in by both the colours and the images. As I explored the site I found within it an article called Paradox and Transformation ( Maryboy et al. 2006.) This article points out the problems involved in education due to the different value systems that operate in the Western world and the Indigenous world. The authors mention that “Like the Navajo, most Indigenous people are spiritually grounded in specific geophysical and celestial environments. “ (Maryboy et al. 2006, p.7) In contrast, the current western educational curriculum which we value, places almost no emphasis on the world around us. Instead, we must accept that when we look at the indigenous world, we are guilty that “This knowledge has been marginalized and discounted in most educational systems of the dominant society around the world.” (Maryboy et al. 2006, p. 12)


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