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Indigenous Peoples, Technological Globalization, and Social Mobilization

            I was originally looking for a site which deals with the problems that indigenous communities face when dealing with technology. I came across this site and in particular a paper by Green-Barber about the use that indigenous groups have made of technology. The author states that “technology is creating new possibilities for the empowerment of marginalized groups, such as indigenous peoples, in the political, social, and civil spheres as well; indigenous peoples themselves are selecting the ways in which they wish to be empowered.”(Green-Barber. 2009. P.3) The article is very thought provoking and the site has a number of interesting academic articles, although I was a little concerned that I could not find who is ultimately responsible for choosing the material.

Main site


Green-Barber, L. , 2008-04-03 “Indigenous Peoples, Technological Globlization, and Social Mobilization” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the MPSA Annual National Conference, Palmer House Hotel, Hilton, Chicago, IL Online <PDF>. 2009-05-23 from


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