Module 1 Weblog #4 (Al. Davidson)

Turtle Island Native Network’s Forum

Description and Relevance

As a ‘current events’ junkie I found this area of the overall site to be very useful. This is a news and discussion forum that organizes current events issues impacting first nations people into broad categories and acts as a collection for news items related to those topics. Members can post and comment and participate in a online discussion community related to those issues.

Features and Links

  • Note: This page is divided into three basic sections
    1. The first section is organized by topic/interest area for community connections
    2. This second section is the area that focuses on Current Events Issues
    3. The third section looks at issues related to indigenous people around the globe
  • Areas of interest for me in the Current Events Section included:
      • Residential Schools
      • Justice and Human Rights for First Nations
      • Education/Learning/Training



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