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American Indian Education

The site was set up in 2009 and is hosted by Northern Arizona University.

It is a comprehensive web site that aims to provide information and on many topics related to American Indian Education (AIE). It offers many, many links to other interesting sites. Some of the areas of focus of this site are the history of AIE and the way American Indians are being taught now. It has interesting pages on learning styles, identity, literacy and languages among many others. More than specializing on any one theme, it is a very up to date link to hundreds of relevant resources on the Web, be they sites, articles or journals on everything to do with North American Indigenous Education. It is scholarly and a really good place to start any investigation on American Indians.

Site Address:

There are far too many links to sites to post all of them here, but here are just a few from the most general page :

Carlisle Indian School Barbara Landis’ site

If I can read, I can do anything Aims to assist Indian communities with increasing literacy skills 

Indian Education Links Montana Office of Public Instruction

Indigenous Studies Portal: Education University of Saskatchewan

Journal of American Indian Education Over 100 full text articles from 1961-2002

Native American EducationWill Karkavelas, Osaka University

Northwest Indian College Virtual Library

Selected Resources on American Indian Education Annotated bibliography of printed sources by Jon Reyhner

Teaching & Learning with Native Americans Handbook for non-Native American adult educators.


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