Module#1 Entry#4 Dilip Verma

The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project is run by SOAS at the University of London. It has a staff of about 14 people, many of them with PhDs and is extremely thorough and professional. My original idea was the use of technology to allow communities in rural Mexico to build up a cultural discourse, through the exchange of shared experience, knowledge and linguistic resources among children in  isolated communities, perhaps using Wikis. Just looking at the extent and depth of the material on this site I now realize that the project is much more complicated than I had envisaged. I really need to read many of the articles from this site before I go any further.The site houses OREL: Online Resources for Endangered Languages, that is up to date and contains about 350 links to resources for every aspect of revitalizing indigenous languages.

Site Address:

Though there are many articles and links for documenting languages by experts (which does not interest me), there are also tasty numbers like:

The Birth and Death of Languages

David W. Lightfoot

Developing Linguistic Corpora: A Guide to Good Practice

ed. Martin Wynne, AHDS

What Native Communities Want from Web-Based Data

Doug Whalen

Who Owns Native Culture?

Michael F. Brown


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