Module 1 Weblog #4

Reaching the digitally disadvantaged

            I decided to try out the search engine “metacrawler” for a change as I find it is a good idea not to always use the same browser as I have a tendency to use the same key words and then I find myself in a rut. Whilst playing with a random selection of key words, like technology and disadvantages, I found the following site. I found a number of interesting articles, but Lenoy’s article was precisely what I had been looking for.

            I was curious to see what research had shown about the disadvantages of not being technically proficient. Lenoy comments that “With communication and information technologies currently converging on all forms of work, study and play, it is critical for Indigenous people to become skilled in these contemporary and future skills.”(Lenoy.2001.p.4). However, Lenoy also warns that there will be little success unless we take into account that “These measures require adequate involvement of Indigenous people to control and determine outcome expectations.” (Lenoy.2001.p.7)



Main site:



Lenoy. M. 2001. Reaching the digitally disadvantaged. Australia’s educational neglect of indigenous learners in the information age. Australian Journal of Teacher Education Vol. 26, No.1. 2001


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