Module 3 weblog 4 (Chantal Drolet)

First Nations / American Indian / Native People / Aboriginal Media

Initiated by the Turtle Islan Native Network: a site where you will find numerous aboriginal cultures represented through their own media.

Resources available:

  • National Native news
  • Aboriginal Peoples television network
  • Cherokee Youth Native ration theatre
  • Metis radio
  • First nations languages (information on many different dialects)

Links to other sites:

  • Directory of Native radio (USA)
  • Storyteller Native radio
  • Northern Native Broadcast Access program
  • CTV First Story (Canada)
  • UN radio

Usefulness for research on Indigenous knowledge, media, and community reality:

This site offers an impressive compilation of Firts nations, Aboriginal and Native peoples’s traditional and contemporary writings; communciations and media channels (radio, tv and online); books; films and other publications.

The most interesting aspect of this site is that it presents media that portray Natives as they wish to be seen. Not as other media conglomerates may want to depict them. What an opportunity to experience native cultures in a more authentic manner!



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