Module#1 Entry#5 Dilip Verma

The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America (AILLA)


The site is run by the University of Texas at Austin and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

This sites hosts a digital archive of recordings and texts in Indigenous languages. The site collects natural discourse and materials about the languages, and some of these materials are designed for use in indigenous language revitalization programs. The links from this site include other organizations that produce materials for language revitalization. The mission of the site is three fold.

 1. They seek to preserve recordings of indigenous languages. 

2. They seek to make them available to indigenous peoples (as well as scholars).

3. They seek to provide support to native communities to use this media as a way to build up a discourse.


This seems to be a good model for the way technology can be used to help communities develop  an online database of material.


Site URL:


The site also hosts links to other sites. Some of the categories are listed below. Unfortunately not all the sites are currently active.  

  1. Archives
  2. Sites about the indigenous languages and cultures of Latin America
  3. Sites about the indigenous languages and cultures of North America
  4. Sites about bilingual education, multilingualism, and multiculturalism
  5. Software for linguists


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