Module 1, Entry #3

A New Understanding of Culture and Communication : The Impact of Technology on Indigenous Peoples


This website provides a pathfinder that is part of a virtual library of educational resources at the Northwest Indian College in Washington.  It was designed by AJ Johnson to facilitate the locating of information about how indigenous groups are utilizing modern technologies.  Sources cited are supposedly mainly free to access.  Covered categories of websites are general overview of technology’s effect, the most beneficial uses of technology, access to technology, the use of technology to preserve, promote and teach indigenous culture and history, and the changes in communication due to technology.    Although the layout is nice and clear, most links are unfortunately inactive.  The sources were current at the time the pathfinder was published (2001) but are now clearly of out date and inaccessible.  The author does provide tips for searching this specific topic on the World Wide Web, yet this is not enough to make this website of interest to a serious researcher.


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