Tseshaht First Nation Website (M1-3)

URL: http://www.tseshaht.com/?page=1

Located in what are now referred to as Barkley Sound and the Alberni Valley, the Tseshaht First Nation is an active community of about 900 members, who maintain resource-based, educational and health initiatives in pursuit of sustainability and self-sufficiency.  This website provides viewers a brief overview of the history of the nation, including territory maps and information about influential community members such as George Clutesi.

In browsing this site as a non-member, I hoped to learn a little more about the history of the territory that I now call home, and a little more about my neighbours, the Tseshaht First Nation.  I was able to find some general information, look at pictures, and listen to their Welcome Song.  The site is set up for community members as well, and has information about events, facility rentals and administration contact information.  I found that the site had almost a “touristy” feel to it—I’m not really sure who the intended audience is, but I think that members and non-members alike will be able to find some information about the community and their territory and traditions.


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