Wade Davis on Endangered Cultures (M1-4)


As a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, Davis describes the current state of endangered indigenous cultures through photos and experiences, and describes the alarming rate at which they are disappearing from the face of the planet.  This talk relates to our discussion about whether or not technology is “culturally neutral”.  Davis describes the many similarities among human beings, but also discusses some of the differences in cultural traditions and values, describing the “myriad cultures of the world that make up a web of spiritual life and cultural life that envelops the planet”.

Davis discusses beliefs, and experiences that outline some of the endangered cultures that he has had experience with, and describes some of the challenges that are faced by those cultures.  In closing, Davis maintains that through media (print, electronic, cinematic), National Geographic hopes to foster understanding and appreciation of all cultures, in hopes that precious cultures are not lost to (or in) the masses.


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