Canadian Council on Learning – Aboriginal Knowledge blog #4

Canadian Council On Learning (CCL)

Redefining how success is measured in Aboriginal Learning

This presents a First Nation Holistic Lifelong Learning Model. The model reveals the link between First Nation lifelong learning and community well-being and can be used as a framework for measuring success in lifelong learning.

The tree depicts the connection between the individual sustainability and sustainability of the earth.
The roots emphasize an interconnectedness of life events;
Just as the tree draws nourishment from the ground, so does the individual learn from the world around them, clan, family, community environment.

The root also represents the inter-whined presence of indigenous and western knowledge which from the tree trunks core learning develops.

At the centre of the tree trunk rings – reviews the learning rings of the individual. Spiritual, emotional, physical and mental through which learning is experienced holistically.

The Aboriginal Knowledge Learning Centre

This page has numerous reports on Aboriginal education.


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