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State of the World’s Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2009

Written by Minority Rights Group International (Unicef):

The report reviews the challenges that minorities and indigenous peoples face in education and strategies to overcome them. The recommendations are first and foremost built on the existing international legal framework of the right to education, minority rights and the rights to non-discrimination and to equality.

Resources available:

Recent and detailes reports:

  • Overcoming exclusion in education
  • Fulfilling the right to education for minority and indigenous children: were are we in international legal standards?
  • The gender dimension of minority and indigenous education
  • Status of ratification of major international and regional instruments relevant to minoriy and indigenous rights

Links to other sites:

  •  Contributors are listed at the end
  • References are provided after each report Usefulness for research on Indigenous knowledge, media, and community reality:

Very detailed reports about various countries in the world. Quantitative and qualitative analysis are provided. You will find tables, diagrams and many images depicting the state of minorities and indigenous people on our planet.



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