Seventh Generation Club (M1-5)

The Seventh Generation Club, sponsored by the First Nations Schools Association (FNSA), First Nations Health Council, and the Vancouver Canucks, is a club for First Nations youth in B.C.  They offer educational incentives and support for students in making healthy choices, staying in school and staying active in their community.  Through incentives such as prizes, contests, free daytimers, and free sports and science days, the Seventh Generation Club aims to support First Nations youth in creating a vision of their own future.

I found this website while I was searching for youth and culture information, and then I received in my mailbox at school, Seventh Generation Club agendas (daytimers) for my First Nations students.  Most of my students (grade 7 at a 6-8 middle school) are proud to be a part of the club—they use their SGC agenda rather than the school agenda, and they take the newsletters home.  I have a group of students who are proud to be First Nations, and are proud of their culture, and it is really great to see—I wonder how much influence the club has had on them, or whether the efforts made by both the communities and school district are coming to fruition. Either way, the site is intriguing, and certainly offers some great opportunities for B.C. First Nations youth.


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