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Spirits for Sale

Theme: inspired by “Indian wannabes”




When Annika got a sacred eagle feather from a Native American visiting Sweden she realized that it was a very sacred object which should probably not be in her  hands. What was she supposed to do with it? Should she return it and if so, to whom?

Her quest to find the right owner took her deep into Indian communities, where she learned about the anger and sadness of traditional Natives.


”First they killed our people. Then they took our land. Now they steal our faith.”


But the indians are fighting back. This time the fight is not mainly about protecting life and land.

Instead they´re fighting to protect their culture.


But would the feather find an owner?


Resources available:

  • Information about various films festivals
  • Protection of ceremonies:
    • The information in Europe about Native Americans and Native Canadians is most often full of fantasies and lies. People in general know very little about American Indians and their general view is based on stereotypes, mascots and film clichés. In some cases the belief is that “Indians do not exist.” Europe has also seen a growing interest in so called Native American spirituality. Ceremonies and rituals together with sacred objects are being sold on websites and in papers. Cults and organisations offer people to become “an Indian shaman” or a medicine man during a weekend course. Seldom or never do Native voices get heard and because of the lack of information, con-men make a considerable amount of money while they violate the spirituality of mostly Plains Indians.

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Usefulness for research on Indigenous knowledge, media, and community reality:

This film will address the issue of spiritual exploiters and the harm they do towards Native cultures but also to followers who, in many cases, “don´t have a clue”.

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