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Hip Hop Storytellers

Here is a link to Innovation Canada, specifically to a video titled “Hip Hop Storytellers” which showcases a project launched by Charity Marsh at the University of Regina where young aboriginals use new media (OK, moderately new technology like turntables are involved as well) to tell their stories.  It has similarities to the two videos presented in Module 3, and it is closely related to my research topic, which is urban aboriginals and identity.

This is another related page on the website: “An Aboriginal Spin on Hip Hop” as well as a few other topics that show examples of excellence in research in Canada, which is part of the mandate of this site.

Arctic Hip Hop

In our discussion this module about stereotypes and critical media anaylsis, I came upon the organization BluePrintForLife which runs the program “Social Work through Hip Hop.” Through the medium of hiphop, this program facilitates social work development and healthy indigenous communities in the Arctic North. Projects are designed with specific communities in mind, but generally deal with issues such as anger, violence, sexual abuse, addictions, positive outlets.


Elders, adults, and youth are encouraged to participate side by side in fun events such as throat-boxing (Inuit throat boxing combined with beatboxing) as well as complex discussions of  anger, violence, sexual abuse and addictions.This program addresses the multigenerational healing of communities – take the Elder DJ component for example; a way in which Elders can model positive risk taking along with opening dialogue through sharing a laugh.