My Neighbours

I live next to the K’omoks First Nation Reserve #1 an would like to learn as much about my neighbours as I can. As such I did a google search (natch). Here is what I found:

I think this site is an example of the difficulties of technology not just for First Nation’s but for any organization or business that commits to the web. Although it is an adequately designed site and does quite a good job of highlighting several areas of the Band’s interests, especially its gallery, it is sadly dated. So anybody who comes to the site is going to nearly instantaneously see that there haven’t been updates in three-plus years. And, for better or for worse, if you don’t update daily, and more effectively hourly, you are out of date on the web.

Also, the history component also casts the K’omoks people as victims and clearly tries to boil an elaborate history down into a few poorly written paragraphs that raise more questions than they answer. More space is given to trying to portray the business interests than anything else, which is fine, but considering how dated key parts of the site are, these interests are discredited to a certain degree as well.


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