First Nations Technology Council

The mandate of the First Nations Technology Council is a web-based portal created by the New Relationship Trust and the First Nations Technology Council as a  ‘single window’ about First Nations in BC.created by a First Nations Summit Resolution to develop a First Nations Technology Plan to ensure that all 203 BC First Nations have: (1) connection with high speed broadband; (2) Have access to affordable, qualified technical support; and (3) Have the skills needed to access technologies that can improve their lives.

What’s really intriguing is its support of innovative projects in First Nations’ stories using fascinating technologies. For example, it has a community applications section which features the ‘A Journey into Time Immemorial’, ( which is based on First Nations traditional knowledge and content developed in collaboration with the Sto:lo web site development committee and staff of the Xa:ytem Interpretive Center. It is an artistic and cultural interpretation and is not meant to convey precisely accurate archaeological information. Contemporary archaeologists view First Nations as partners and value oral traditions as a source of information about the past that augments the scientific approach. Compare this site with ‘A Journey to a New Land’, a complementary web site done from a scientific perspective.

I think this is an excellent example of how the internet and the web technologies it allows can shift the agenda of indigenous cultures from one of exclusiveness to one of inclusiveness where not only can technologies support cultural misunderstanding, but ultimately allow for a broadened approach to education.


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