Brock University:Education – Aboriginal Adult Education

This web page was from Brock University out of Ontario, Canada. It has a center dedicated to training teachers in Aboriginal Adult Education. I was interested in it because it offers a certificate path as well as a degree path. The certificate path has five courses:

1. Aboriginal Adult Education: Beginning Our Journeys

          Introduction to Aboriginal ways of learning and constructing knowledge and the relationships between culture/education and learning/healing.

2. Curriculum Theory and Design in Aboriginal Adult Education

           Introduction to an Aboriginal approach to creating curriculum through a community-based developmental model.

3. Instructional Strategies: Ways of Teaching and Learning for Aboriginal Education

            Issues in Aboriginal and mainstream adult education including learning styles, evaluation, storytelling, experiential learning and lesson planning.

4. Aboriginal Leadership Issues: Healing, Learning and Leadership

            Relationship between the colonial experience and contemporary Aboriginal leadership; contemporary policy-making processes and the wider role of the Aboriginal trainer/teacher in our communities.

5. Aboriginal Teacher Development: Understanding our Journeys

             Reflective theory and practice through a series of hands-on activities designed to encourage both professional renewal and awareness of self as Aboriginal teacher and learner.

This site would help me if I wanted to specialize in the aboriginal adult education field.



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