The Native Youth Sexual Health Network

This website focuses on bringing sexual health education to native youth across North America, and after our discussions on issues such as peer pressure, I was curious to see what resources were out there on those issues. This site states that information is peer-based, which is part of the reason I thought it might be valuable. It appears that the peer-to-peer standard is prevalent throughout the website. When I clicked on “About our Founder” ( I learned that the organizations founder is quite young herself, which likely accounts for such an appealing, accessible site for youth.

The page contains information on current programming and collaborations by the organization, as well as free downloadable resources that have been made available for anyone working with aboriginal youth. One such project is a youth photo project ( which resulted in a free poster campaign.
I thought it was a good idea to empower aboriginal youth to learn about their sexual health through a website, as it may seem more accessible to them. Since this site was created by aboriginal young people in North America, is also provides a cultural lens that traditional public schools cannot.


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