Cognitive Media

The Cognitive Media website is an elaborate advertisement for their services. It does not share the technology behind it but it is basically a group of artists performing visual representations of other people’s ideas. Elaborate visual notetaking is a method that may work for those students who do not like copious written assignments or are auditory/visual learners. One could show this website to a student and offer an alternative assignment to an essay on a topic. I had a first nations adult student how would jump at the chance to do this type of an assignment. It could also be video recorded just like the Cognitive Media artists an edited so that his work could be shared electronically on his band’s website; which routinely showcases the accomplishments of their students (like a local band’s paperless newsletter)

I admit that following the technology behind the visual that accompanied Sir Robinson’s lecture in a previous blog only resulted in an idea for an adaptation for one student’s learning but it ended up being something I could use for my research on technology integration for adult first nations students.


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