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ALL In Learning is a company that intends to set up M-learning environments through the implementation of a Mobile Teaching and Assessment Platform on the iPod Touch and iPad. Through this platform teachers are able to capture formative assessment data and they get the results immediately through All In Learning’s web-based reporting system. This venture is innovative as it provides an efficient opportunity for schools to capture and analyze data in order to look for the future and make decisions related to their students and learning outcomes.


This venture has three co-founders that have many years of experience in learning technologies. One of them, Dr. Darrel Ward, seems to be the most qualified of the three co-founders. One thing that kept my attention was that the three of them were part of a previous venture known as eInstruction. These facts made me think that they are part of a team that have been working together for several years and have succeeded previously in launching new ideas about technology and education. However, Dr. Darrell Ward is the only one of these entrepreneurs who have experience in different areas of education and different companies. The other two co-founders only have had experience in one company. ALL In learning is co-founded by:



CEO Dr. Darrell Ward is a co-founder of ALL In Learning.

He has a large career (30 years of experience) regarding to educational technology. Before this venture Dr.  Ward:


  •  Started the Computer Science program at the University of Mississippi.
  • had faculty teaching and research positions at Texas A&M, The University of Texas System, and the University of North Texas.
  • Founded eInstruction Corporation in 1981 and led its growth to the number 1 company in student response systems in the education market as CEO from 1981 until 2008.
  • He has had consulting positions with Texas Instruments, the U.S. Civil Service Commission, General Dynamics, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  •  Has a patent concerning student assessment in a student response environment and a patent pending regarding streaming of assessment information to wireless teacher slates.
  •  Has a book in the publication stage regarding the establishment of the “clicker” industry by eInstruction and its impact on education.
  •  Darrell has a PhD in Computer Science from Texas A&M University.




 Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Darren Ward.

His professional background (17 years of experience) is related to one of the previous ventures leaded by Darrel  Ward: eInstruction’s.





Chief Information officer, William Johnson.

His professional background is also related to eInstruction Corporation (12 years of experience).


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