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2B: Pitch Critique


Practice with EVA role-playing in the ETEC522 Pitch Pool.


  1. Watch a few of the pitches in the Pitch Pool.  Go online and search for further video pitch examples related to business areas or topics you’re interested in (not necessarily learning).  Select one or more of those listed or found for a more detailed EVA  review.
  2. We recommend that you watch each selected pitch at least twice.  One time, take notes as needed to help you remember what the person said. Another time, just listen and try to judge the enthusiasm, passion, sincerity and completeness of the message.
  3. Use the pitch criteria discussed in section 2.7 to compose a professional analysis aiming to be decisive about whether further consideration of the venture is merited.  Given the variety of ventures and pitches, select whatever criteria are most effective to an insightful, confident and decisive analysis. If you would like to analyse more than one pitch, you may compose a comparative analysis, or separate individual ones.  Be engaging and concise: aim for 200 words or less.
  4. Post your analysis(es) in the ETEC522 course blog.  Please remember to link or embed the pitch video if it is one you’ve found.
  5. As part of your overall contribution, comment constructively on the analyses posted by your classmates.

If you would prefer to offer a critical analysis of a pitch available from another source, please consult with one of your instructors.


All critiques and responses should be posted by the end of week 3.  In order for your own critique to be responded to, it would be best to post it a few days ahead of the deadline if possible.

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