Hello from SW Ontario

Hey Everyone,

My name is John and this is my 9th MET course.  If all goes well, I should be flying out to BC to attend graduation next year.  I suspect I’ll be the first person from my board to request a graduation leave of absence to go across the country and I have my fingers crossed that they’ll give me more than one day.

I teach a 5/6 split in a little community outside of Windsor, Ontario.  I’ve been here about 10 years, and have always taught some version of grade 5, 6 or both.  I love the age; they retain the eagerness of children, while being able to take on more difficult cognitive challenges.

Prior to the MET program, I generally considered myself fairly tech savvy. While the MET program has introduced me to fantastic resources, it has also really highlighted how much more I have to learn.  I’m looking forward to learning with all of you this term.


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