Hello from Clearwater, BC

I am always amazed to find out about the geographical diversity among my MET classmates. This is my fourth course in the program; I have done three of the core courses so far.

I signed up for this class because it was the only option available to me for the fall semester. I was reluctant at first because there is little that I despise more than technology businesses scooping up the scarce dollars of public education without bringing any improvement in student’s learning. After reading the outline, I realized that the ultimate goal of a venture in learning technology is not necessarily to make money but can also strive to maximize learning opportunities. Teaching in a small rural school, where opportunities are limited, I can now see how this course can help me in my practice.  I am now looking forward to it.

In the picture is my wife and one of our sons on Clearwater lake (practically in our backyard). We have two sons at home, as well as another son and a daughter who are all grown up.


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