Hello Out There

Hello All,

My name is Evan Barr and this is my 5th course in the MET Program, so I’s nearly half way there.

I’m currently completing my MET part-time, treating it more as a marathon rather than a sprint, as I am teaching full time as well. Balancing my course work and teaching responsibilities is a challenge, but I find it forces me to make use of my time more efficiently. Its amazing how much time one can waste if they don’t have something to keep them motivated.

The reason I took ETEC 522 is to gain some alternative perspective within the field of educational technology. Many of the other course I have taken within the MET Program have been geared towards eLearning and the theory that surrounds it. I am hoping to gain some perspective on what it takes to be a pioneer in the educational technology field, and learn some alternative applications of educational technology outside the school setting. This course also has unique form of blog style delivery which I already find easier to navigate than the Connect pages used in other courses.

Personally, I enjoy hockey (Go Sens Go), the outdoors and alternative music. I live on a lake in Eastern Ontario and have recently finished a project which saw rehabilitation of the spawning grounds for walleye (pickerel) on the lake, which hopefully will lead to greater fish stock within the lake in the coming years.

I look forward to working with you all in the coming weeks.



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