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Hi, everyone!

I’m Sarah. This is my 5th (and final!) course in my graduate certificate program. I won’t be flying to BC in the spring for graduation, but I’ll hum the graduation march when I open my certificate in the mail.

I have a little 1.5-year-old girl, and a great husband who works in higher education. I’m a trained teacher who “fell” into the world of educational publishing after graduating from teachers’ college and have been there ever since. I now manage the production of our suite of K-12 digital products.

My reasons for taking this course are two-fold; one, because the course I wanted to take this semester was full (perhaps I should have prefaced this post with a warning: I offer no-holds-barred honesty!), and two, because I desperately wanted a practical course to finish off my certificate. I always felt a bit out of the loop when taking my other courses because I work in business and not education! While the core courses of the program offered me lots of insight into research on eLearning on a large scale I haven’t yet been given the opportunity to explore the actual design of an eLearning (or any type of learning) product from a money-making standpoint. Although this is actually part of my job we so often fall into the habit of sticking with what’s safe, and that is what I’ve done! This course will definitely push me to try something new.

I love baking, reading (currently obsessed with Game of Thrones), and coaching a synchronized swimming team in my community.

I look forward to working with you all over the next few months.

All the best!



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