Augmented Reality

The amount, form and location of information that is accessible is quickly expanding. Going even further, the ability to overlap additional levels of information on top of what we naturally perceive is not only like science fiction brought to life, but it is readily purchasable in the form of Augmented Reality hardware and software. With apps such as Accrossair, one simply needs to lift his smart phone to see, in real time, locations and distances. If the thought of unlocking your phone and lifting it up is too much for you, then look no further as Google has you covered. With the advent of Google Glass, mapping information can be displayed at anytime in front of you.

Opportunity Statement

With the amount and speed of data recognition constantly increasing, Augmented Reality provides the possibility for learners to see the natural world around them while also experiencing many typically unseen layers. As mobile technology floods into the field of education, not to mention many other domains, the opportunity to add and then decipher tiers of data is allowing learners the choice to access it when needed.

Prediction Source

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Augmented Reality and Education: Applications and Potentials


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