Moore – Introduction

Hello all,

Troy Moore from glorious Quesnel, BC…home of the giant gold pan, West Fraser, Billy Barker Days, and, of course, the Moore family. This semester will mark class number 7 and 8 of my MET. I am hoping to be done in April. Keep your fingers crossed. Currently, I am librarian and Writing 12 teacher at Correlieu Senior Secondary School (Home of the Clan!). I took this class out of interest. Learning and technology is an oft-bantered subject. Every wants to bring in more technology, but at what cost and benefit? There is the potential for great strides in technology and education. BCEsis was a venture in learning technology, as was the overhead projector once upon a time. I wonder what the next powerpoint or prezi will be?

my overhead projector

Good luck to all this semester and I look forward to learning from each and everyone of you!


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