First-World Paradigm: Top 10 IT Issues for Higher Ed (web seminar)

When I first began browsing through this week’s resources, I felt sensitive to how most of the IT issues addressed represent institutions of developed/Anglophone economy. Listening to the speakers elaborate upon the top 10 list confirmed that even within this ‘first-world paradigm’, such lists or models will never be universal; every institution will have different needs and goals. Such lists could serve as a precursor to discourse, or a starting point to analyze the environment where a particular technological innovation is meant to be applied. For example, it would not be safe to assume that students of a less-developed institution will bring a connected device to class, let alone 3 or 4, let alone be connected in their homes. But there may be technology which it can be assumed that students of a particular community have access to, such as television or cell phones. In response to the second question, I would seek out future reports, but I would likely refine the search to the particular culture/demographic with which I intended to work.


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