Through the University of Alberta I have completed my BA and  BEd, and am half way through UBC’s MET program with graduation scheduled for August 2015. Since receiving my BEd, I have taught in French Immersion programs in Alberta. I am currently teaching Grade 4 French Immersion, in addition to being our school’s French Immersion Coordinator.
Our province is in the process of curriculum redesign and I am a member of a prototyping committee for FLA K-3. The process has been hardwork, yet extremely rewarding and has provided me with a greater appreciation and insight into the many layers of collaboration and consultation required in the development of curriculum, particularly when undertaking all subjects at once.
In addition to technology, experiential education is another passion I bring to my classroom and will be the subject of my final research project. The pictures I have provided illustrate examples of students learning through experiential education.
      DSCN0568                  P1020027                    100_6549
ETEC 522 has made its way into my schedule for several reasons. One being that it actually fit into my schedule. Secondly, the innovative and technological elements mentioned in the summary piqued my interest. I anticipate that I will continue on the steep incline of learning that my ETEC courses have consistently provided.

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