Hello everyone,

My name is Ana, and this is my second MET course. Life has been quite busy with teaching Math online as well as developing Math courses for a First Nation Internet high school here in Ontario.

Three months ago, a little baby Matteo came into my life and made it that much richer… and busier, as I resumed with teaching three days after his arrival.

My academic background is in applied Math and I have taught this subject in Ontario, the UK, and briefly in South Africa. My interest in integration of technology in Math instruction has led me to earn a Specialist in Integration of ICT in the classroom. Of course, BEd. came before this designation and well after my BSc.

This summer I will be instructing international students at the University of Toronto for the seventh “summer off” in a row. These summer experiences are quite fun as I get to go back to a more “traditional” classroom and be reminded of what it’s like to have a classroom with actual physical space.

I am looking forward to working with all of you and learning about technology ventures in education so I can better my professional practice. Who knows, maybe we come up with something better than GeoGebra   🙂 (jk) Good luck to all and see you in class!

(…For serious climbers only!)



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