Hello Everybody!

Greetings everyone!

I already recognize a few familiar faces here, it’s good to see you all again. As for my background, I am currently working as a university instructor in Bangkok, Thailand, and I teach a variety of courses (but mostly communications). Previous to this position, I had worked as an English teacher in South Korea, Brazil, and Japan, and in between jobs, I used to travel pretty extensively.

I have to admit, after two semesters in the MET program, I actually have less of a clue what I would like to do when I am finished than I did when I started; it seems like there are more avenues available to educational technologists than I originally knew about. For this reason, I am interested in this course, as I would like to see what entrepreneurial opportunities exist to people in the field. So far, the concept for this course (as opposed to previous MET courses that I’ve taken) seems interesting, I can’t wait to see how things turn out.

Looking forward to getting this thing started!



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