Hello From Sparwood

Hi Everyone,

It is nice to see some familiar faces here.  My name is James and this is my 5th course in the MET program.  I currently work in Sparwood BC: a small mining town on the BC/Alberta border.  I teach middle school English and Social Studies and high school Woodwork.

My professional interests are in constructivist learning theory and problem based learning.  A colleague and I worked together to get a grant for a problem based learning project that incorporated Teck Coal.  We used part of the money to buy a class set of tablets and I am looking forward to learning how to use them more effectively.

I love old motorcycles because I get great satisfaction from working through problems and sorting out what is wrong.  Old motorcycles are also interesting to ride.  They have character that modern bikes do not.  You have a closer relationship with the road and your machine when you ride an antique bike.  There is something special about older technology.  I like to think of ed tech in the same light as a motorcycle.  A new machine is smooth sleek and more versatile, but sometimes the same job can be done with an older model.



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