Hello from LA

Lethbridge, Alberta that is…

I am so excited to be here! This is my third course, although I took my first through AU, and I am thrilled to be trying something new. I was a Jr./Sr. High School science teacher up until the birth of my second son three years ago. When it came time to go back to work, I needed something different and closer to home (I was commuting over an hour each way). I applied for an Instructional Design job at Lethbridge College, got it and have not looked back once. It has been an amazing opportunity to be creative, learn more and be more available to my children. I don’t get summers off anymore, but we manage. I am a single parent now so don’t have a ton of time for leisure, but really enjoy running, skiing and hiking when I do. I also camp quite a bit with my children. Below is a picture of my boys’ first ever ski day this Winter (I am in the green headband, my sister in the purple pom pom).



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